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Street: 01.14
T-Mental = Flatbush Zombies + Logic + The Polish Ambassador

I started with an album cover and not much background, so I was pleasantly surprised by the essence of hip-hop that came through my CD player. Conglomerate by T-Mental starts out with an epic flute intro, setting the tone for an unexpected journey through the spiritual identity of the universe. 

Described on SoundCloud as “a concept album about the Universe and our Oneness with it; Written to spread self realization and help people remember that they are Divine,” this album would be an easy companion on any journey you take—whether it be a walk, a drive or a guided meditation. T-Mental’s lyrics don’t take up any unnecessary time to get the message across, offering a zoomed-out perspective of the world while inspiring listeners to look within. 

Most of the songs—including my favorite, “Master Builder”—feature positive lyrics that provide motivating reminders, such as “Found the beauty of hope by putting hope on a canvas” and “The best of me and worst of me were perfectly reflected in everything that the world is to me.” The tracklist mixes hype with comic relief, such as in the most memorable interlude titled “Smoking With Yoda.” You’ll hear dialogue that dives into the constructs of politics, religion and how they interact with our existence. My second favorite track is “Growing Wings” featuring Burnell Washburn, which includes a spoken portion detailing a lucid dream. This element is repeated throughout the album—seen also in “Dream Street” with Dizzy Wright—as the spoken elements invite you to reminisce on those subtle, thought-provoking conversations you might’ve had with your friends, either five years or 10 minutes ago.

Congolmerate offers an optimistic and unique occasion to reflect on how the universe is, well, a conglomerate. Every part of ourselves is connected to it. This is an album that will increase your love for yourself and others by the end of it. You can listen for yourself and find more T-Mental on SoundCloud and Spotify. As spoken in Conglomerate, “Live what you love and love what you live.” –Kelly Fernandez