Local Review: Tavaputs – Unresting Event

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Tavaputs – Unresting Event

Unresting Event

Street: 04.27
Tavaputs = The Smiths + Chelsea Wolfe

On Unresting Event, Tavaputs show flashes of real potential. There are cool ideas hidden in these minor-key, slightly atonal, guitar rock songs. Unfortunately, I don’t think they have quite figured out how to execute them yet. Every cool moment comes packaged with 10 fairly monotonous, repetitive and dull moments. There is a droning quality to these tracks that leaves most of them over five minutes, and I don’t think they really earn it. Instead of taking their cool ideas and distilling them down into something interesting, Tavaputs tend to drag them out until they’ve lost their engaging elements. I think there is room for this kind of downtempo, semi-grunge rock in the Salt Lake music scene—these guys just haven’t figured out how to nail it yet. Hopefully, on future releases, they can cool it with the extended-repetitive-jam-to-end-every-song thing. –Alex Gilvarry