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Local Review: Terrance Danger Hailstorm – No Danger b/w Hurricane

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Terrance Danger Hailstorm
No Danger b/w Hurricane

Street 05.07
Terrance DH = the Stench + Magstatic + a hipper, friendlier and less evil Danzig

Terrance Danger Hailstorm has been a staple on the SLC music scene for a number of years now, as a member of the Stench, Magstatic and the Bad Yodelers. For this latest single, Terrance’s guitar and vocal effort is rounded out by bassist Cache Tolman (Iceburn, SKULLFUZZ, Fearless Vampire Killers) and drummer Jamison Wilkins (J.W. Blackout). The two songs, written and recorded by DH, clock in at just under four minutes each, and are similar in both sound and composition to much of his past work. Present are many of the qualities that make anything Terrance DH does special, a skillful blend of loud power chords and pop enthusiasm, beautifully crafted music, and vivid lyrics delivered by a seasoned vocal pro. These sonic traits alone would be enough to inspire the listener to replay the single over and over again, but the tracks contain so much more. The rhythm section of Cache Tolman and Jamison Wilkins pound the sounds straight into your head with a solid prog-metal sincerity. With hard rock hooks aplenty, these two tracks would be worthy of a portion of your music buying budget, which brings me to best news of all, the single is available for free download at Terrance’s own website: A stellar deal for a fantastic couple of songs.