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Local Review: The Krypled – S/T

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The Krypled

Self Released
Street: 2007
The Krypled = I don’t even think THEY have any idea.

This CD is, from start to finish, one of the most boring, hackneyed, been-there-done-that things I’ve ever heard. Honestly, if I wanted to listen to ripped off NWOBHM riffs, I’d much prefer something like Slough Feg…at least those guys write some fairly entertaining music. Starting off with a semi-promising reverbed-to-hell guitar intro, the record falls completely apart after that. In just the first two songs, very apparent influences go from The Real Thing- era Faith No More, to Danzig, to Iron Maiden, which, while it may sound appealing, comes across more like they put these bands in a blender and literally didn’t let the thing do its job. The only redeeming thing about this…um…”piece” is that the recording is actually good. Punchy kick drums, the low-end is actually low-end, and the guitar is mixed in such a way as to make the incessant wang-doodling seem less obnoxious. If that’s enough to make anyone want to find out more information on these guys, have at it, because they didn’t provide me with anything but a CD-R with their band name on it…with a reversed capital-E. Lovely