Local Review: The New Nervous – Frantic Is The New Nervous

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The New Nervous
Frantic Is The New Nervous

Street: 03.24
The New Nervous = The Academy Is + Circa Survive

Provo has a burgeoning music scene for all ages and of every musical genre. The New Nervous provides SLC’s southern neighbor with a good dose of aggressive (though not too angry) rock influenced by the Deftones and the Mars Volta. Tightly composed with skilled performances by all four band members, the one caveat is that their album is not the singing of Scott Shepard, but his hi-pitched screaming. I want him to yell, but he seems to just raise his vocal pitch to a squeal. Prime example of poor vocals is the second track when he repeats Hollywood dictates over and over. Who cares? Shepard’s vocals sound best on the more mellow. “The Struggle and Pharmacadia’s” anti-drug corporation verse “Let’s burn this temple down!”