Local Review: The Side Project – Project Rocket

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The Side Project
Project Rocket

No Ledge Records
Street: Jan. 2007
The Side Project= Beats like MF Doom + Aesop Rock

Track (Face Of The Deep); Time (3:31): TaskRok causally lays down the rules for reviewing his rhymes, “say anything I don’t like and I’ll fn strangle your fn throat.” And so, out of want for self-preservation, this review will weight heavily in Task and Dubby Waters favor. But honestly, death threats aside, Project Rocket is actually a pretty F R E S H attempt at relivin’ that old-school Mafioso rap style brought about in the early 90s by that master of lyrical dexterity Kool G Rap. Of course, The Side Project is cursed with the fact that they hail from the wholesome streets of Salt Lake City (honestly, how gang-star can you be in a town where you can’t buy hard liquor on a Sunday). Luckily Task “possesses the lyrical ammo” and presence of mind to battle any rap prejudice that might downplay his “skinny cracker” Salt City upbringing. I’m not sayin’ this is some real hard shit; what I’m trying to say is this is some real hard shit for Salt Lake City. Please, if you know what’s good for me, you’ll check out The Side Project. -Miles Ridling