Local Review: Utah Symphony – Mahler Symphony No. 1 “Titan”

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Utah Symphony – Mahler Symphony No. 1 "Titan"

Utah Symphony
Mahler Symphony No. 1 “Titan”

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Street: 09.11
Utah Symphony = The Tallywood String Quartet + The London Symphony Orchestra

A lot of things can be said about this type of recorded performance: heart-pounding, thrilling, enticing. What else could we expect from Thierry Fischer of the prestigious BBC National Orchestra of Wales? Classical music is often a challenge to record—it is difficult to make sure every emotion that comes out in the live performance is captured in a digital format. This is no easy task. I must say, I was impressed with the sound quality and ability to maintain the same sense of emotional upheaval as with the live performance. Like most classical albums, the only real issue with this recording is the subtle losses of the extreme lows and highs, which is to be expected. I would recommend you dust off your suit while listening to this because it is a fine, formidable release and deserves a good deal of respect. –Seeth McGavien