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Local Review: Various Artists – Circus Brown’s Snackbox

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Various Artists
Circus Brown’s Snackbox

KRCL 90.9 FM
Street: 07.01
Circus Brown = KRCL DJ who spins on Saturday Nights, 10pm-1am

Circus Brown is a power player in the realm of local music and his self-released compilation of his favorite live cuts from his show, Not a Sideshow, on KRCL is added testament to that legacy. Circus Brown’s Snackbox begins with a driving early 90s rock track by the Silent Sevens and proceeds to continued higher ground by roaming through such notable Salt Lake bands such as The Rubes and Blackhole. What makes Circus’ comp such a strong showing of great local music is that it not only showcases his varied taste in music but he also arranges the songs on the disc for dynamic fluency. For instance, the Vile Blue Shades track starts off a four song deep, dancy and power-packed quatrain that includes the Paper Crane Collective and Spork, hence ending a fair sampling of poppy cuts, swinging selections and punk rock that started the album off. Finally, Brown adds nice bonuses such as a secret track (not so secret anymore…), an Elbo Finn track and to top it off its recorded and mastered by Matt Mateus! Take note City Weekly, you just can’t throw tracks in a bag and hope the whole CD turns out well. Make sure to check out Circus’ show on Saturday’s from 10pm to 1am. It’s highly entertaining.