Local Review: Vividend – Thirsty City

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Thirsty City

raincLOUD Records
Streets: OUT
Vividend = Sage Frances + Sole

Jesus-tap-dancing-Christ! I want to be a hip-hop superstar. If only to be recognized under a pretentious barely literate, semi-biblical alias. I here by now proclaim myself Milengidnus Dikotemyor Mortakye. Get it right oh ye bitches. Vividend reminds me of my Grandpa learning to dance: he understands the basics but stumbles, never quite on top of the rhythm and beats (by far the best aspect of Thirsty City). Vividend’s sped up lyrics don’t open up much; he likes to deal in burnt out bumper sticker haikus repeating everything we’ve already seen plastered on some leftist’s ancient Volvo. “Fattening the Boredumb” is perhaps the most succinct song in summing up Vividend’s lacerating lyrics.. Man was he right.. This is boring. But you have to give it, Vividend drops bones and slides high-fives with his fuck you attitude. But listening I still can’t help but think that maybe Vividend should have headed the advice of the two rappers that told him he was doing hip-hop wrong. Umm. Word. –Myles