Local Review: xCool Your Jetsx – Saving Grace

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xCool Your Jetsx
Saving Grace

Seventh Dagger Records
Street: 05.08
xCool Your Jetsx = Gorilla Biscuits + Youth of Today + 2007

Although I’ve never been straight edge, I’ve always had a fondness for a few straight edge bands, and a certain respect for the bands (and kids) that stayed away from the “tough guy” image that, in my opinion, ruined what was once a positive lifestyle. Thankfully, xCool Your Jetsx is not a band of “tough guys,” and this fine little EP here is proof that there is still something positive about straight edge in Salt Lake City.

Four songs of pretty straightforward posi-core for the current millennium, and it’s a goddamned breath of fresh air. Well recorded without being overblown, the only negative thing about the recording is that the bass seems to be a bit buried.

In fact, this EP sounds like it could have been recorded live: it’s a little sloppy in parts, but that only adds to the overall impact of this short collection of songs. When all is said and done, a great debut release from these kids. Try not pointing your finger in the air and singing along to “Chopped Liver,” I dare you.