Local Review: Zu with Xabier Iriondo/Iceburn 10″ – 9 Songs

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Zu with Xabier Iriondo/Iceburn 10″
9 Songs

Wallace Records
Street: 09.2006
Zu/Iceburn = Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music + John Zorn Painkiller + Belly Button

Iceburn’s split 10″ with Italian outfit Zu is reminiscent of Iceburn’s early sound. Ironically enough, this is Iceburn’s last will and testament (five years after the fact) as they hand off their hardcore/free-jazz musical ideas and compositions to the like-minded Zu. Zu’s side consists of a wildly electric noise spasm of grinding exposed wire, electric guitar and a steady drum beat. Some screaming can be heard in the background. Their side progresses into a Torture Garden-esque dirge of sax, squeaks and again more noise that peters out into a Hella-like breakdown. Iceburn’s side, with its amazing title track “Odin’s Beard,” starts off with a liturgical heavy doom-laden intro and gradients back and forth between sludge metal and freak out brassy jazz drum and sax. Overall, 9 Songs, hand numbered 10″ (featuring artwork from SLC’s Sri Whipple), is an amazing finale to one of Salt Lake’s most technically fantastic, original sounding bands.