Napalm Flesh: Bring Me Your Metal!

Posted August 12, 2010 in

Napalm Flesh
Bring me your metal!
By Bryer Wharton

In the land where information and pinions on every sort of musical genre run rampant, SLUG will be unleashing a weekly, Internet-exclusive metal column. So what makes my opinion different from any other Internet trash talker or praise chucker? I could say experience and way too much of my time spent listening to all that is metal, but the answer is more simple. Like all the bloggers and opinionated beings in this great Internet, my motivations are purely self-serving. If you the reader like it, take some good tidbits of knowledge away from it or discover a band you didn’t know existed, then I’ve done something right.

Did I mention I listen to a crap ton of music yet? Yep I do, hopefully in order to save some reader the notion of spending their hard-earned money on a crappy record. Every month I churn out CD reviews by the dozens, and one of the reasons for this little column is to highlight those albums that didn’t make the print version of the magazine. I may be cynical, but I do try to keep an open mind. No genre or its massive array of sub-genres of metal is sacred, as is no genre hated. I listen to everything, and anything and hate and love insane amounts of it.

Another intended purpose of a weekly online rambling from SLUG is to stress the importance of the metal scene in not only Salt Lake, but the rest of the state as well. I’ve heard my fair share of bitching about not having a strong local metal scene or that the scene is scattered between genres of music, but that is to be expected—the extreme scene isn’t going to really play nice with the modern metal scene because of the massive stylistic differences. The simple matter of fact is there is a scene for every style and genre and it’s strong and continuingly growing— if you don’t know that, you’re living in a state of ignorance.

So, my metal friends, with my intentions of what is to come every week somewhat tossed at you, I also plea for ideas and feedback. Actually, I insist on it and thrive on it. If you think you have something worth mentioning about your band or a show you’ve put together or want a genre/band/record label to get some coverage so on and so forth please e-mail me (, find me in the streets and kick me in the shins to get my attention, buy me a beer at a show (wishful thinking I know), just get my attention. It’s not hard and hopefully I can attribute something more important than just bitching and moaning about the albums that are good and bad.

There is a plentiful mix of metal to wet your whistle for this August Friday the 13th weekend—a perfect time to get your metal on.

Friday hosts a local show at Club Vegas with a good old display of cover tunes from your favorite bands. The show features stunning Black Sabbath cover band Irony Man, So Cal Metallica cover act Damage Inc., NYC Queensryche cover band Rage For Order as well as Hot Flash. Cover tickets $5.

In the realm of national tours, In the Venue will play host to the latest installment of the Summer Slaughter tour on Saturday August 14th. The tour began in 2001, but didn’t really dig in until 2007. The line-up, while mostly in the death metal realm, also features a few different styles. Basically, it’s a something-for-everyone type gig, and features a massive line-up—almost festival like. Tunes get underway at 2:30, and for a grand total of 12 bands the $20.50 advance or $25.50 day-of ticket price is a damn good deal. If you want to have your ear drums blasted for hours on end, I’d advise bringing earplugs if you’re going to sit through every band, even with my already damaged hearing. It’s all ages so you can take the kiddies, but as always, at In The Venue there is a bar area. Oh, and if you are a smoker plan on paying a small fee for a wristband to get you outside for your needed dosages of nicotine.

The big gun headliner is definitely a worthy band for fans of old school or modern death metal. Poland’s Decapitated have been cranking brutal tech/death since 1996 when the average age of the band’s members was roughly 14-years old. Some call the current incarnation of the band “Recapitated” because the line-up has undergone changes from the original days. Founding guitarist Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka is still the bands brutal riff-master, but tour-bus accident in Belarus tragically claimed the life of the other founding member, drummer Witold “Vitek Kieltyka (Vogg’s brother) in 2007. The current line-up has been solid and playing gigs for a good year, and Decapitated should be in good form. Expect some sort of tribute to Vitek and pay your respects to the dominatingly brutal audio assassinations that Decapitated deliver. I saw the band a few years back before Vitek passed, and though his talent and importance is missed, the current live show and headlining spot for the Summer Slaughter tour is well deserved. They should deliver tunes from every album they’ve released, and if you’re lucky, their truly badass cover of Slayer’s “Mandatory Suicide,”

Other players on the bill are deathcore/proggy, jazz-infused, Cynic-influenced and Sumerian Records staple The Faceless. Also opening are Nuclear Blast records deathcore stalwarts All Shall Perish, The love em’ or hate em’ deathcore/grindcore experimental madmen from Blackmarket Activities The Red Chord and the tech-fueled deathcore act and fellow Sumerian Records player Veil of Maya. Relapse Records makes an appearance on the bill with the mighty Cephalic Carnage, who are prominently death and grind based, but do have some does of black metal and other audio atrocities. From previous viewing experiences the dope-loving band puts on an entertaining performance. Another Nuclear Blast artist, Decrepit Birth, should prove to be a highlight, playing brutal tech/death metal with emphasis on the tech. The band’s vocalist goes insane on stage, and they play with a vicious ferocity. Definitely try to get to the gig a bit early to see these guys play and support their extremely recent album Polarity. If you like your deathcore heavy on the core and enjoy plentiful booming hardcore breakdowns, Victory Records’ Carnifex will surely get the pit and mosh-aerobic antics underway. And to break up the chaotic heaviness, instrumental prog-metal act Animals As Leaders from Prosthetic Records will only give your ears a break from the brutality of the line-up. Expect lots of onlookers drooling over the skills of Tosin Abasi. If you like your death metal dealt old school, the longstanding and currently unsigned Vital Remains put on a brash and brutal showcase and have massive amounts of material with diverse assaults of death metal styles—another reason to get to the show early.

In addition to all the national acts pumping their down-tuned guitar riffs and rapid-fire blast beats, local act Dethrone the Sovereign will perform their progged, keyboard-emphasized brand of death metal. The relatively new local death metal act Adipocere will also play. This huge dosage of metal goes down Saturday Aug. 14 at In The Venue, advance tickets are $20.50, $25.50 the day of the show. Music gets underway at 2:30 p.m.

If you’d rather spend your Saturday August 14th evening with some homegrown metal, meander on down to Club Vegas for the SLC Metal Comp Showcase #2 featuring Truce, Dead Vessel, BruteForce and Seventking, Tickets are $5.