Napalm Flesh: Iron Maiden “En Vivo” DVD Review

Posted March 27, 2012 in

Iron Maiden
En Vivo! – Live at Estadio Nacional, Santiago
Street: 03.27

Bang for your buck is definitely what Iron Maiden’s latest DVD release is all about the—production value of the entire package is top notch. An added bonus is its price – even for the Blu-Ray version, depending on where you purchase, it is about the cost of buying a new CD. En Vivo ultimately feels like a great follow-up to the amazing 2009 DVD documentary and live compilation that was Iron Maiden’s Flight 666.

The 120 minute concert portion of the 2-disk En Vivo contains five songs from Maiden’s last album The Final Frontier, which is appropriate considering the concert was filmed during the band’s world tour for said album. If you’re looking for a live Iron Maiden concert experience that contains a more “classic” set, just look in the band’s back catalogue of video releases—there are plenty. This is Maiden here and now and plays out as a captured moment in time of the legend that is Iron Maiden performing in Santiago Chile in front of roughly 50,000 fans. It carries the same awe factor that Rock in Rio had in terms of seeing how intense and insanely huge the crowd is—especially if you’re like myself and have never had the opportunity to see Iron Maiden live.

The audio quality of the concert is about as great as it can possibly get – especially in the realm of heavy metal. The Iron Maiden of the last decade doesn’t really know the terms “low-key” or “low-budget.” The production crew had to have had a gazillion cameras pointed at the stage and crowd. The editing job gives the feeling of being a part of the actual concert and has the smack-in-your-face quality that only live captured performances (that aren’t bootlegs) can do. Creating an engrossing experience that fans—die-hard or fair-weather—can enjoy immensely and (more importantly) repeatedly in the medium of live concert DVDs is a hard task. In most instances, you’ll watch a concert DVD once or twice and you’re pretty much done with the release—such is not the case with En Vivo just like pretty much what Maiden fans have come to expect from performance visual/audio etc. releases.

The icing on the cake is the 80 minute second disc, the bulk of which is a behind the scenes documentary mainly showcasing what it takes to pull off Iron Maidens’ 2011 world tour. It would have been extremely nice to have the audio portion of the concert included in the package (it’s sold as its own entity).  When all is said and done whether you’re watching this on a 52 inch HD plasma television in Blu-Ray format or on a 20-year old 12 inch tube TV on DVD, the end result is superbly satisfying, the very reason the name Iron Maiden rarely carries any negative connotations. Collectors have the option to snag the limited “steel box” DVD – which right at this very moment you can buy for a whole $17 on Amazon. Also for collectors will be a two LP picture disc release of the concert. Up the Irons because “Iron Maiden’s gonna get you no matter how far…”