Fools Gold
Street: 03.06
100s = (Outkast + Rick James) x Darondo
I must warn you about this reprobate who calls himself “100s” (after the number of times he’s contracted VD no doubt).  A long-haired, self-professed pimp whose music has but one purpose—to congratulate despicable sex acts. If given the opportunity, this unbelievably funky man would gladly repeat these unspeakable deeds with every woman in your life, including your dear old Nana.  What’s worse: this sort of hooligan won’t stop until we’re a nation of thugs, sporting “Ice Cold Perms.”  I can literally smell the Jheri Curl dripping off the beats.  On “Ten Freaky Hoes” he treats us to one amoral fable after another: One “Ho” is so cracked-out she tries stealing his conditioner, another has “teeth so fucked up, (he) wouldn’t let her suck (his) …” Not in my house, sir! This is exactly the type of “music” that tricked that sweet Miley Cyrus into thunderclapping her ass cheeks.  Avoid! –Dan Vesper