Bicameral Brain
Parallel Thought
Street: 10.29
3:33 = Whitehouse + Terry Riley +Iszoloscope

While listening to this, I realized I had been taken on a journey into deep ambient darkness. The sounds of rain, thunder, hollowed echoing of the drumbeats, sizzling snare and pulsating bass had carried me into a sort of void. What I was hearing emptied my thoughts and put me into some sort of catatonic state, and I wondered if I had been put under some sort of subliminal mind control. I became somewhat conscious when the music ceased. There is something very eerie and mysterious about these tracks. Doing further research, I found that the names of the artist who are behind 3:33 could not be found anywhere. It is almost as if they have crossed into our world from some ethereal plane. I recommend listening to this at bedtime to calm and shut down any overactive brain. –Mistress Nancy