Review: The Cave Singers – Naomi

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The Cave Singers

Street: 03.05
The Cave Singers = Deer Tick + Delta Spirit

For their fourth LP, The Cave Singers added more instruments and Morgan Henderson (Blood Brothers, Fleet Foxes) on bass. What was once a simple formula for raw folk with catchy harmonies has become a busier sound with less catchiness. It was really singer Peter Quirk’s striking voice that carried the songs on their last album. He sounds like a less nasally John McCauley with better vocal range. The tempos created by many of the bass grooves on this release fail to complement Quirk’s voice. The finger-picking in the first three tracks makes for an island folk rock sound like that of Lord Huron. They still sound raw, but lack their old appeal of simplicity. “Evergreens” is my favorite on the album and a good example of the band’s old formula for simple folk that emphasizes Quirk’s vocals. “Shine” is also a treat that places the bass nicely between the guitar and harmonica. –Justin Gallegos