Amor Ad Nauseum
Party Damage
Street: 02.04
Aan = Cold War Kids + At the Drive-In + Wildcat Strike
The first track promised that I was in for something gritty and dark with some snarling, stiff-lipped vocal work—but it lied. The opener and best overall track, “Wet and Dripping,” starts with slow soundscapes before stomping into steady beats with deep bass and fuzz guitar as the vocals chew your ear drums. The vocals on “I Don’t Need Love” have a nice timbre and charming waver, alongside buzzing bass and distorted guitars reminiscent of The Dead Weather. Atmospheric interlude “Loveless Dreams” walks us into a slower, sweeter realm full of the love songs the title suggests. “Bubble Bath Bop” has effervescent bass, sweet sun-stroked vocals, and some vintage beachside guitar, while “Wake Me with a Kiss” has somnambulant melodies and dream-woven atmospheres that are warm and inviting. The band is great at making lightly psychedelic pop love songs, but they’re definitely their best when they give them an edge. –CJ Morgan