Acid Witch
Midnight Movies EP
Hells Headbangers
Street: 04.01
Acid Witch = Horrific + Shitfucker + Druid Lord
Michigan’s doom/stoner/death metal Acid Witch offer up a lot diversity and even more fun on their tribute MLP: four cover tracks that may bring some nostalgia—depending the listener’s age—or a treat for any silly B-horror-flick fan. The tracks from horror flicks, only two of which I’ve actually seen (Black Roses and Return of the Living Dead), are well worth watching. Now I want to try and track down the other movies: Rocktober Blood and Trick or Treat. In ways, Acid Witch play the covers straight and implement their horrific style in them. The fun is hearing Acid Witch do the “hair metal” vocal styles. It kind of makes you wonder what the band could do if they really wanted to change up their style for their original material. I’m usually not a huge fan of completely cover-song releases, but this takes the cake on any cover song release I’ve heard. –Bryer Wharton