Act Rights
Sweat Equity
Tonequake Records
Street: 01.29
Act Rights = Kings of Leon + Spell Talk
Act Rights are too drunk to be the Raconteurs and they’re not drunk enough to be the Black Lips. Almost every song from Sweat Equity sounds like a mine caving in, meaning that there are moments of sheer chaos contrasted with sections of insular refrain. A majority of the songs begin in media res like heavy dirt clods and pebbles raining down on your head, which makes for a straightforward experience. This can get redundant, but Sweat Equity’s got that haunch-grinding jaunt that makes for a good garage rock record, with some production value to boot. The song “David Duncan 5021” pans a cool call-and-response vocal bandy, which can only be detected through headphones. The song “East India Rush” features a cool crescendo with toggling synth work, which comes to a head in an isolated bass warble ending with one last surge of chorus. Sweat Equity is the perfect example of rock n’ roll for rock n’ roll’s sake. It’s not the record you can spin when you feel like having a sob, but it’s definitely something to drink to. –Jordan Deveraux