Antichrist Demoncore

Melotov Records

Street: 06.24

ACxDC = Despise You + Lack of Interest + Spazz

Having established themselves as a nascent pillar of the California punk n’ hardcore community with a smattering of splits, EPs and insane live shows (check the Google machine for their set in Pomona 2011), ACxDC’s full-length debut offering might literally be their opus to masochistic, satani-violence with a conscience. You’ll def need a lyric sheet to piece together that bit, but methinks they don’t like religion and they’re probably into veganism. Production by Taylor Young (Xibalba, Twitching Tongues) lends the album an air of bottom-heavy groove, a grounding complement to the intermittent blasts throughout. “Destroy Create” plays like Pig Destroyer, loopy on chem-trails and SSRIs doing extendo versions of Napalm’s “You Suffer,” and “Keep Sweet” has its one brilliant moment of Integ-inflected holy wailing. Brooding, nuanced numbers like “Overstimulated” and “Give Up” should tickle the fancy of those who write PV off as some kind of one-trick brony. It has songcraft like whoa and a “heavy” production that anyone can get behind. Buy if or the mosh part in “Fillicide” alone.
–Dylan Chadwick