Review: Adam and Darcie – Kindness

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Adam and Darcie – Kindness

Adam and Darcie

Village Ten Collective
Street: 05.25
Adam and Darcie = Daughter x Bagheera


An unapologetic mix of acoustic minimalism and subtle electronic accents, Kindness provides an easy escape from an overworked, overstressed social environment. While the orchestration is meditative, it’s the lyrical content that takes center stage. Soft vocal harmonies blend with subdued bells and the occasional electric guitar to recreate a paradisiacal beauty that one can get lost in. One remarkable aspect is the separation between acoustic indie pop and simplistic synth elements present throughout the album. The beginning of the album is fairly straightforward compositionally—piano, acoustic guitars and bells atop clear, female vocals. However, the second half of the album becomes slightly more experimental with a heavier focus on electronic instrumentation that veers into swankier territory.  The impressive feat is that the two elements are seamlessly blended—one aspect never overpowering the other.  When the stresses of everyday life have got you down, give this a listen for a quick pick-me-up. –Allison Shephard