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Aesthetic Perfection



Street: 05.12

Aesthetic Perfection = Vince Guaraldi + Necessary Response – Electricity

Although I am not a fan of hearing live music on a produced album, this release is amazing. Daniel Graves’ voice and talent truly shine on this piano bar release. It is amazing to hear the electronic sounds of their previous creations translated into an acoustic format. A bonus to this precious gem is that former KMFDM guitarist Tim Skold also makes an appearance on these unplugged tracks. “Vapor” is downright outstanding.

I didn’t think that this song could get any better, but Graves is always full of surprises. His fingers were relentless, and they sounded as if they were dancing out the high notes through the song’s entirety. Their musical talent grows with every release, and you don’t want to miss on this adaptation of it. You may feel like you are at a Vaudeville show while listening, but these boys do not need pitch shifter or electricity to sound good. –Mistress Nancy