Rites of Separation
Southern Lord
Street: 04.30
Agrimonia = October Tide + Downfall of Gaia
Part neo-crust, part post-hardcore, with a healthy heaping of sludge and doom, is the recipe for Rites of Separation by veritable super-group Agrimonia. Reading of their background, I was surprised at the amount of ebb and flow in their tracks—only one of which clocks in under 10 minutes—adding post-metal to its movements and atmosphere. There are moments that remind me of Opeth and others that even echo bands like Tool and Down, and yet it’s all beautifully and competently orchestrated, fully cohesive. Vocalist Christina has a completely jarring razor-wire growl that keeps even the melodic moments dirty and dark. This album is thoughtful and fierce, polished and skillful, interesting and engaging through every single track. –Megan Kennedy