Ali Muhareb

Street: 12.18
Ali Muhareb = Animal Collective + Talkative

Displaying proof of his musical flair, Ali Muhareb delivers his first solo album, Mujahedeen. Muhareb blends a layered, synth heavy, indie influenced psychedelic trip that is topped off by the combination of repetitive, fuzzed-out angelic vocals. If that sounds overwhelming, it is. Every track is unique—to get a good idea of what you’re in for, I suggest kicking off with “So Bold,” followed by the bass-heavy “Modern Grime,” finishing off with “A New Place.” This work of art requires more than one listen to fully appreciate an experience that gets better every time you press play. The only downside is that this album tends to drone on a bit, but that can be easily overlooked. This is something new, so pay attention. –Nick Kuzmack