Anal Blasphemy/Forbidden Eye
The Perverse Worship of Satanic Sins Split
Night in Terrors
Street: 02.28
Anal Blasphemy/Forbidden Eye = Beherit + Archgoat + Blasphemy

I’m not quite sure what the fascination is with metal bands starting their band names with that oh-so familiar, feces-producing body part—maybe just the fact that it’s dirty and sounds gross. Add the cover art to the gross/shock factor that features a mostly nude nun with “Satan” sprawled across her buxom chest. Is the music as shocking? Well, Anal Blasphemy are actually the veterans on this split. The Finnish black metal band doesn’t offer a lot that’s new under the sun, but their tunes are dark, polished and less ugly than one might have expected. Having the newcomer, Forbidden Eye, follow them on the split actually makes the anal blasphemers less gross sounding. Forbidden Eye offer the superior black metal here—gritty in tones, yet ugly in sound. It’s a semi-raw black metal sound, but it’s plentiful on the ugly side. If I wanted to seek a full-length from either band, it would be Forbidden Eye. –Bryer Wharton