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Review: Ancient Ocean – Blood Moon

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Ancient Ocean 
Blood Moon 

Beyond Beyond is Beyond
Street: 06.30
Ancient Ocean = Sigur Rós + Deuter

Ancient Ocean’s latest release is a meditative album that takes you on a journey through space and sound. It’s an impressive collection, to say the least. I loved listening to this album in the midst of a spring thunderstorm. The warbling synths pan through the speakers, creating a fluid effect as if you’re floating in an isolation tank—disorienting and grounding all at once. “Beargrass Creek” features some really rad instrumentation like banjos, cellos and pianos.

My favorite track is “Winter Half-Light,” a 10-minute-long echo of some distant memory almost forgotten. Although the album isn’t necessarily completely unique in its overall sound, it does create a subtle but droning beauty through its instrumentation that is pretty damn magical. –Kamryn Feigel