Andrew Jackson Jihad

Christmas Island

Street: 05.06


Andrew Jackson Jihad = Ezra Furman + Titus

Like their previous albums, Andrew Jackson Jihad has created a disturbed eulogy to a candy-coated world view. Their combination of intensely morbid metaphors and reminiscent lyrical content captures the incensed and worn-out attitudes of so many of our generation—see “Getting Naked, Playing with Guns.” Musically, they tend to choose acoustic instruments that simultaneously contrast and complement vocals evocative of Dead Kennedys’ old-school punk. The album is a veritable mishmash of different music styles. “Angel of Death” referenced their invention, the “Salad Glove.” I chuckled, which was perfectly timed as a symbol of a past self shed. To be able to write such simplistically complex lyrics is genius, especially when, at the end, I was left with an unexpected and contrasting emotional response, mourning the rancid state of the world, yet somehow feeling uplifted and fulfilled. –LeAundra Jeffs