Andy D Presents the Weekend
War Cries
Rad Summer
Street: 11.29.12
Andy D = Scissor Scissors + Chromeo
The cover art for War Cries is some of the worst I have seen in a while. I was hoping that the music would be enjoyable enough to create some sort of balance, but it was not for me at all. Of course, not everybody is going to enjoy everything—I just don’t particularly enjoy writing entirely negative reviews. I have heard plenty of albums that sound like dance music that may have been made by/for people who hate dance music, or would rather joke on something than own up to it—which is insulting to the music and audience. To give War Cries the benefit of the doubt, at least Andy D sounds like he’s enjoying himself and puts effort into the album’s production. The record was Kickstarter-funded, and contributors are thanked in the liner notes. I am glad that there is a supportive audience for War Cries. Hopefully, they’re enjoying the work they helped finance. –T.H.