Andy Kaufman
Andy and His Grandmother
Drag City Records
Street: 07.16
Andy Kaufman = RARE B SIDES! + Jerky Boys
If this half-hour-long collection of random conversations that Dada song-and-dance comic Andy Kaufman recorded between ’77 and ’79 is the best anyone could do to drum up renewed interest in whether he faked his own death, then I guess no one really cares anymore. I mean, if Andy appeared out of nowhere and surprised me with lunch, I’d be like, “AHOY!”  But that’s not the case, and so we’re all stuck with these barely audible recordings chronicling him being a progressively meaner and meaner asshole to those close to him as time goes by.  I’m sure some basement-dwelling conspiracy theorists might appreciate these never-before-released tracks just as much as those schmucks that shit themselves when yet another posthumous 2Pac album hits the shelves, but in my view, there’s plenty of living comics and performance artists you can devote your time to, so do that.  Do just that. –Ashlee Mason