Grand Blanc
Street: 10.21.13
Anoraak = Kavinsky + SebastiAn
Anoraak is the brainchild of DJ/producer Frédéric Rivière. The three-piece band possesses the stereotypical French nu-disco sound that seems to be rising in popularity these days. This album makes a valiant effort to encapsulate those final moments of summer but I didn’t really fall for it, in spite of the electroshock therapy I felt Anoraak was subliminally conducting. It’s intended to be an upbeat, good-vibey album but its over usage of 808 drum machines and power-pop chords left me feeling unconvinced. Rivière’s vocals are drab and lackluster. Chronotropic is slightly unoriginal and repetitive, with no real payoff—each song leaves me wanting something more. “Morning Light” is probably the album’s best track. It’s well constructed and I can only imagine how much better it would sound live. I think the entire album would be much more enjoyable live. Check it out and you be the judge of that. –Kamryn Feigel