Life’s Too Long
Street: 11.15.13
Antithought = Bad Brains + Youth Brigade + Propagandhi
After I listened to this album six or seven times, I came up with one word to describe it: sophomoric. Life’s Too Long needs a little more time to finish—it sounds rushed. In that sense, the album is very punk, but there is no excuse these days for not spending time and effort. Casting that aside, I love this album—saturated in young, angry “Fuck you”s, anti-establishment sentiment and frustration with personal status quo. The simplistic, three-chord fist picking reflects the content of the lyrics. Fuckin’ faster than the S Line—I timed my showers with the album and probably saved quite a bit of water. Life’s Too Long is steeped in the D.C. street punk style with hairs of late ’90s punk and I look forward to their next release. –Alex Cragun