Hope in Hell
Street: 05.28
Anvil = Exciter + Accept + Raven
It’s been six years since the documentary was made about Canada’s Anvil rising out of obscurity to, well, just about a higher level of obscurity. The fact that Anvil had some good records in the ‘80s—right about the time metal wasn’t so cool anymore—but never rose to outright fame is the story of a lot of metal bands. Hope in Hell starts out pretty strong, instigating some heavy metal glories and some hope that listening won’t be a chore. The title track, which is the opener, is actually a pretty tight song—as is the second and third. But as the album progresses, the rotten cheese smell grows and lyrics start becoming sillier and sillier. While the record’s already taken flack for not being as good as the bands’ last two since their “comeback,” the tunes do remain pretty strong. It’s the vocals and the lyrics that kill the album’s momentum, and the overruling cheese spoils what could be some decent heavy metal cuts. –Bryer Wharton