Ark Life

The Dream of You & Me

Greater Than Collective

Street: 08.19

Ark Life = Alabama Shakes + The Allman Brothers +
a John Prine ballad

These Denver natives will be a fixture of my 2014 summer. Their album sounds like having only 20 bucks in your pocket and driving in a POS car in the dry heat. Soulful and flirting with garage rock, this album has a really great arc in its overall structure. Harkening to the days of The Band, America and Canned Heat (I don’t make this comparison lightly), it made me yearn for the open road, shitty gas stations and endless fields of switch grass. I fell deeply in love with their brand of folky alt-country, which includes twangy guitars, crooning Wurlitzers and sonorous harmonies. With acts like Old Crow Medicine Show and The Avett Brothers making a national name for themselves, it’s easy to imagine Ark Life joining their ranks and touring across the U.S. Fill up your gas tank, buy this album and lose yourself in the open West. –Alex Cragun