Arum Rae
Warranted Queen EP
Street: 04.22
Arum Rae = Lana Del Ray + MiNX + The Dead Weather

Somewhere between deadmau5 bass drops, the high-timbred soul of Donna Summer and the ragged guitar riffs of The Kills, you might find Arum Rae (formerly White Dress). This short EP takes you from downbeat electro-pop with processed vocals (“2001”) to sweet soul with pop sensibilities reminiscent of Noah and the Whale (title track), all the way to the jagged, yet danceable number “Something’s Happening.” By the last track, “Proof,” you’re hearing minimalist beats and vocals with a dash of weirdness á la Thom Yorke’s The Eraser. Bluntly, I fucking love it. My only complaint is that “2001” is a drab opening to an otherwise stellar effort, and this EP is way too goddamn short to properly show off this young woman’s talent. GIVE ME MORE! –CJ Morgan