Butter Knife
Suicide Squeeze Records
Street: 10.29
Audacity = FIDLAR + Nobunny
Audacity play garage rock exactly how it is meant to be: nasal vocals, minimalistic percussion, crusty guitar distortion and bratty lyrics covering topics like teenage lust. What makes Butter Knife so great is that it captures a band still genuinely thrilled to simply be making a record. Butter Knife is 13 tracks of unsullied and energetic garage, a bit like the snotty output found on early Black Lips albums. No fancy studio work on this album—audacity has stuck by the mantra of “Keep It Simple, Stupid,” and it has never sounded better. But Audacity, like any great garage rock outfit, shouldn’t be listened to in headphones. This shit is always best when blasted through a shitty PA in an under-ventilated asbestos ridden basement. I feel like I can already smell the body odor wafting from the sweat soaked stage show this group is sure to inspire. Breathe deeply and suck those pheromones in. –Jeanette D. Moses