Aurelio Valle
Acme Power Transmission
Nuevo Leon
Street: 03.30
Acme Power Transmission= Timber Timbre / Julian Casablancas + Dirty Beaches

In order to appreciate the depth of this album, it’s important to understand a bit of Aurelio Valle’s background. He’s a Texas native, but he’s spent the last several years in Brooklyn, where this album was recorded, which might as well be the soundtrack to a black and white autobiographical film starring Valle. On his solo debut he’s successfully combined his penchant for Texas gothic traditions and his experience with the New York nightlife—each lifestyle offers solitude as well as a need for light. This balance of dark and light defines Valle’s musical compositions. Whether the violins are floating alone in space or Valle’s lyrics project him strutting down a busy street, there’s always a glimmer of hope beneath each droning noise or beating drum. In the end, you have the work of a man confronting his demons to find his full potential. –Justin Gallegos