Order of Operation

Goner Records

Street: 09.30.14

Ausmuteants = Gang of Four + D.I.

Order of Operation captures the in-your-face, no-bullshit posture that has seemingly escaped much of punk rock today. This album wastes little time piercing the consciousness with a synth-inspired sense of urgency that illustrates the stress of increasing alienation and discontent.

This is all from the first number, “Freedom of Information,” mind you—and it only gets better. In fact, this pretty much sums up the theme of this beautiful and refreshing commentary on the depressing nature of electronic human interaction. Some other notable tracks include “Family Time,” the D.I.-like “Felix Tried to Kill Himself” and “Depersonalization.”

However, let me be perfectly clear: This whole record requires the willingness captivated by something utterly brilliant and creative yet simple and honest, on every song. This is essential, so if you don’t get this for your collection, go lobotomize what’s left of your brain. –Nick Kuzmack