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Review: Author & Punisher – Melk En Honing

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Author & Punisher

Melk En Honing


Street: 06.30

Author & Punisher = Iszoloscope + Aphex Twin + Darko4

Tristan Shone has used his “Drone and Dub” machines to create a release full of harsh, droning metal and pounding rhythms. The ingenuity of these mechanical devices and how they play their sounds simply astonishes me. It is audible art. The dreary track, “Disparate,” has a gritty, grinding guitar riff and a drumbeat that would fit into any harsher metal song. As neither of these instruments are being used, the fascinating part is the machines and their interfaces he has created for them to sound this way. The whipping, slamming sounds and screaming style vocals in “Callous and Hoof” made me feel like slaughtering a cow, taking a bath in its blood and then burning down a church. This is a must add to my music collection, as everyone needs to feed their taste for powerful, dark sounds every now and then. –Mistress Nancy