Review: Babau – Papalagi

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Babau Papalagi cassette cover



Artetetra Records
Street: 02.28
Babau = iVardensphere + Dead Can Dance + One Horse Town

Papalagi is a tribal and experimental release. It is a treasure for those of you who prefer to occasionally live life in an altered state. I assure you that you will truly enjoy the vibe on this album. The track “Palo Majombe” has a beat that sounds like it is being played by rubbing together two pieces of sandpaper. Papalagi the track a subtle, relaxing pulse. The haunting track “Faus” would fit right in the soundtrack of a demonic horror movie. It is a combination of birds chirping and a hollow drone sound. The chanted lyrics exhibit a didgeridoo feel. It is impressive and begs to be used in a performance art piece. It is soothing and calm but haunts the listener and will give you the creeps if you listen to it by yourself. It is beautiful, but it will have you wanting to sleep with the lights on. –Mistress Nancy