Bad Cop/Bad Cop – Not Sorry

Review: Bad Cop/Bad Cop – Not Sorry

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Bad Cop/Bad Cop  – Not SorryBad Cop/Bad Cop
Not Sorry

Fat Wreck Chords
Street: 06.16
Bad Cop/Bad Cop = Masked Intruder + The Muffs

“We’re not selling sex / But we’ll make your eardrums wet!” I think I just fell in love! I seriously can’t get enough of Not Sorry. Four women charging through with their badass attitudes and bubblegum pop punk sound—nothing could be more awesome! Each song is more arousing than the last with a cabaret of cohesive melodies. “Nightmare” and “Anti-Love Song” are vicarious hooks that pull you into the album; “Cheer,” “I’m Alright” and “The Wood” keep you attuned; and “Old Dogs,” “Rip You to Shreds” and “Like Seriously?” rip through with their provocative lyrics. For an entry-level Fat Wreck band, they’ve jostled their way into being one of the label’s greatest acts among their worthy adversaries, and this album is the proof. –Eric U. Norris