Plataforma / Autopista
Discos Humeantes
Street: 02.25
Balcanes = (Meth Drinker x Parálisis Permanente) / Creative Adult

Balcanes antagonize with drone sludge tunes ensconcing hardcore and post-punk affects, which provides for a dark, psychotic tone that makes this single interesting and fun. On this two-song 7”, Side A’s “Plataforma” contrasts a straight-laced personality with the speaker’s nihilistic, “I Wanna Be Your Dog”–like desire to beat his dick with a screwdriver and draw blood—en español. Side B, “Autopista,” references Godflesh-style industrial with mad wails echoing in the background. The lyrical desire to be “el anticristo” manifests tastefully in this recommended work. –Honk Carnie