Review: Barren Womb/Remote – Self-Titled Split

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Barren Womb/Remote
Self-Titled Split
The Perfect Hoax
Street: 04.12
Barren Womb/Remote = Eagle Twin + The Dillinger Escape Plan
You can’t help but foil bands whenever you’re faced with a split. There is no better band between the two—the only victor in this split is the audience. Barren Womb are a noisy hardcore punk band from Norway with a flair for layered, fast-paced music. Barren Womb recently released On the Origin of Faces, which made them sound like a fuzzier Converge. These songs are more oriented to the noise rock spectrum than their previous works. The strongest of the tunes is “Deal or no krokodil.” The song is intense, like acid in your lap, then it ends quite suddenly, making you wish for more. Remote are a doom metal band through and through. I fucking love everything Remote have to offer in this nine-minute gamble. The only requirement is that you have to listen to it in your headphones, lights off and as loud as you can handle it. The crunch and groans in this track come to a crescendo midway—it gave me goosebumps. –Alex Cragun