Review: Bassnectar – Into the Sun

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Into The Sun

Amorphous Music
Street: 06.30
Bassnectar = Excision + Andy C + Shpongle

After his uncharacteristic, EDM-like release last summer with Noise vs. Beauty, Lorin Ashton, aka Bassnectar, is back with his classic sound on Into The Sun. Though much of the album is remixes of his older songs or remixes of other people’s records, it holds true to the bass-heavy and beat-driven sound that his fans are used to hearing. However, the album also ventures into new sounds in certain places—and listeners get a taste of Lorin’s versions of anything from downtempo, ethereal and nearly lullaby-esque (“Sommarfågel”) to drum and bass (Science Fiction). The album is 17 tracks long and offers a taste of everything—absolutely a must-hear for any type of electronic fan. –Julia Sachs