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Review: Bassnectar – Noise vs. Beauty

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Noise vs. Beauty

Amorphous Music

Street: 06.24.14

Bassnectar = Excision + Beats Antique + Steve Angello on acid

This album progresses in the way I would imagine someone with a split-personality disorder would function day to day. By juxtaposing absolute garbage (noise) with ambient, well-produced music (beauty), Bassnectar delivers an album that makes me want to pop an aspirin one minute and take a bubble bath the next. Good ol’ Lorin explains this right in the description of the album on his Soundcloud: “A 15 song journey which spans the spectrum of music from hardcore hysteria to lush, ethereal beauty…”.The album isn’t entirely good—there are points where I had to skip to the next song halfway through while muttering, “What the fuck is this?” under my breath, though it did fit with the concept of the album. That being said, my opinions of the album highlights are irrelevant—there’s something to please everyone. Having seen the DJ/producer/hair model quite a few times over the span of a few years in multiple places, he’s never going to give you anything but himself. This album completely reflects everything the Bassnectar brand is, and that’s why it’s a great album.  –Julia Sachs