Review: BCGs – Angel Lust

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Angel Lust

Records Ad Nauseam
Street: 04.29
BCGs = The Cramps + Man Man + The Misfits

Angel Lust, the intoxicatingly deranged debut EP from BCGs, is a euphorically haunting treat from start to finish. Lead singer Joel Zimmerman thrashes violently with aggressive, Cramps-esque vocals that are simultaneously as belligerent as they are pleasing. Swanky, hellish guitar distortions cackle discordantly over apocalyptic lyrics on the track “Permanent Uncle” (“X-Nazi pedophile preacher/come on over here/rest your head on my shoulder/we can shoot the shit”) while Mikey Cabral unleashes a fever of bass lines that shudder unapologetically through each fantastically abrasive track. This debut EP is both impressive and original, a feat hard to accomplish in today’s misguided and nearly-impossible-to-navigate punk scene. Angel Lust is a wonderfully disordered, exhibitionist EP that makes me genuinely excited to see what the band has to offer in the future. –Kristyn Porter