Be Like Max
Just Tryin’ To Fit In… Ur Mom
Street: 01.10
Be Like Max = Reel Big Fish + The Bouncing Souls
For me, when I thought of reckless, social commentary ska-punk, bands like Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish came to mind—now I can officially add Be Like Max to that list, though I had trouble getting into this album with its first two tracks. It was the fast-paced, lyrically satirical, chant-producing “Bring on the Suits” that really pulled me in with its peppy rhythm and charging lyrics. Though the other songs couldn’t match up to that one, “Cheap Shot Youth Anthem” came pretty close by raising the issue on 21+ shows that kids can’t go see. “You Grew Up” (opening up with Bill O’Reilly’s infamous line “We’ll do it LIVE! Fuck it!”) is a bittersweet number dealing with the issues of getting older and eventually committing to social conformity. Overall it’s a decent ska album—it’s fun to listen to and would probably be even better live. –Eric U. Norris