Beaten to Death
Mas-Kina Recordings
Street: 10.04
Beaten to Death = Noisear + Bent Sea + delicious melody
One word keeps coming up when I think about describing this Norwegian grindcore act: charming. There is something significantly and singularly charming about the low-fi melodies Beaten To Death employs alongside genre staples like pig squeals, demon growls and face-blasting double bass. The album speeds by with a terribly addictive energy, which one could certainly credit to their method of recording live in rehearsal space—it’s comfortable, unpretentious, and inspires bravery in performance. They aren’t afraid to travel to other genres like death and black, even metalcore, and sew in elements they find to deepen the dynamics of their presentation. This is a unique, eccentric sound and band. Put your weirdo shoes on and pick this album up. Your morbid inner child will thank you. –Megan Kennedy