Bee vs. Moth
Shelter in Place
Aggraveire Music
Street: 09.09
Bee vs. Moth = The Thing + The Ex (instrumentally) + Blues Control

I first listened to Shelter in Place on a drive to Ogden and, while it served as a decent soundtrack for that trip, it took a few tracks before I actually became more than casually interested in what was happening. The musicianship is impressive—I just haven’t been in the mood to listen to anything “jammy” lately, which is how the first track initially registered. There are some surprising moments throughout, such as when the band goes from smooth, dirty-detective-on-holiday with a dash of skronk (“The Buffet of Knowledge”), to mid-tempo country swing, as in “Your Dime Ain’t Worth a Nickel (In the Jukebox of my Heart).” “Machine Room Reverie” is led by a rather lovely violin. “Prints & Photographs” isn’t any kind of example of how the rest of Shelter in Place sounds, but it has a vibraphone, and that’s nice. –T.H.