Beech Creeps 
Monofonus Press
Street: 03.03
Beech Creeps = Black Rebel Motorcycle Club + Motörhead 
First off, fuck your day at the beach. This album isn’t your dream-pop, West Coast, surf-guitar groovy shit. This being their debut album, Beech Creeps lay down the hammer, proving that harsh riffs and heavy fuzz can indeed produce melody. Their self-titled album kicks off with a grueling nine-minute track, taking me back to Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music. With no delay, the album takes a turn for the headbanging better, picking up the pace and putting the smack-down on rock music as we know it. Every track delivers as much as the next, but “Times Be Short” is one that you surely don’t want to miss. Buy the album and beware—Beech Creeps may just blow those speakers out. –Dylan Evans