Review: Benjamin Finger – Amorosa Sensitiva

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Benjamin Finger – Amorosa SensitivaBenjamin Finger
Amorosa Sensitiva

Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records
Street: 06.09
Benjamin Finger = Jimi Hendrix practicing guitar + the score to Shutter Island

I’m not entirely sure what I just listened to here. Each track on Amorosa Sensitiva is instrumental, each with different instruments spanning genres from free jazz to classical to, well, what sounds like a Theremin solo (aliens). I put the album on, and my roommate asked, “What are you supposed to find in this?” Good question, Nick. This is the kind of stuff you listen to as a catalyst for deep thinking. This music will have listeners spacing off, staring blankly at iPhone screens as if entranced and then asking, “What the fuck?” when it suddenly shifts into an unstructured, rhythm-less mess of sounds coming from each instrument. It’s quite exciting, actually. My personal favorites were the string and piano duet, “Waltz in Clay,” and the strange mess of noise that was “Headspincrawl.” Get Amorosa Sensitiva as background noise for Tumblr-scrolling or journal-writing—you’ll be inspired. –Julia Sachs